About Casting Test

What do you need to know about the casting test

A Casting test is a revision of your style, info, and essentially documents and physical characteristics by professional judges in the film, fashion, music, singing, dancing, and acting industry. A casting test elaborates whether or not your talents are eligible for a particular field or a business opportunity is suitable for you. The casting test is yours for the taking as it is easily accessible from this website and performed from all over the world, under supervision of Paris fashion standard we issue an international
certificate for each stage that you take part in with the help of leaders and legislators of the fashion & Arts industry known as Paris Fashion Standard.

How many subjects do we have during the course of the casting test?
Currently, the casting test consists of 5 subjects followed by the 3 Casting Grades which are mandatory to receive the internationally-issued certificate by Paris Fashion Standard.
The subjects are:
Modeling I  Acting  I  Dancing  I  Singing  I  Music

The Grades include:
Step 1:  Casting test Grade C
Step 2:  Casting test Grade B
Step 3:  Casting test Grade A

About International Casting Test Organization

Paris Fashion standard is the leader and legislator of the fashion & Art industry in the world. During the last meeting of the council in the year 2000, the management decided to establish a talent identification management center which is now known to be the casting test Center. Its main purpose is to legalize talent identification methods and support real talents to maintain the quality of the film, fashion, dance, singing, and music industries.

This worldwide organization center started 21 years ago registered and powered by Paris fashion standards. The international casting test organization is registered by number (Rg.174712434-2000/Paris – France). the casting test center, in the beginning, was one of the Paris fashion standard Departments and after the initial expansions it became one of the biggest and most influential academic international casting centers in the world in (apx.186 countries.)

Casting Test Center Paris is now the only official, legal and academic center for the identification, assessment, and evaluation of the arts, including the film, fashion, music, dance, and singing industries in the world, and with it, the benefit that makes this certificate very special is it’s being powered and legalized by Paris fashion standard.

The test is performed and orchestrated from all over the world online and only done by this official casting test website, under the supervision of Paris fashion standards with an international issued
certificate for each stage. Including important merit that makes the casting test certificate very special, is providing certificates in 3 grades to the clients.

Stage one: Grade C. in the start.
Stage two: Grade B. after training
Stage three: Grade A. after a 2-year experience 
Grade A is the latest professional-grade design for these art industries. So that all artists can be evaluated and identified in a professional and academic way.

Pietro Bello. G
Head of the Central Casting Test Organization – Paris

How to apply for Casting Test Certificate?

1- Apply online on this casting test’s official website. ( Apply )
2- Apply with our main Agents website in Paris ( International Bello Models Academy Paris )
3- Apply live at the casting Agency office in your country ( Click to find the nearest casting agency branch address in your country
For the online registration simply go to the mentioned options page, choose the casting test stage that you prefer & fill-up the form with all requested information, photo, video, and documents, and then continue to fill out the casting test & Certificate fee. After the billing, proceed to wait for 24 – 48 hours (for the board to check your specifications & abilities). Later on in the course, you will receive the casting test results and certificate by email. Also, you can see your test result on this official casting test website, by following this link: Approval list & Approval code N.

As mentioned within 24 to 48 hours of registration, you are going to receive a casting test certificate. This is an international certificate from the Paris fashion standard. The certificate views your abilities and sufficiency in your requested casting test career. You can use this certificate for any academies, agencies, auditions, pageants, international computations, upcoming job opportunities, etc. to identify and showcase your strengths.


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