Casting Project

International Casting Project –  2022
Models, Singers, Dancers

We are pleased to announce that, given the good reception of last year’s Casting project, the Central Agency intends to carry out this project Live from 185 countries on a wider scale in 2022.

In addition, in countries where the representative of the Casting Agency has a permanent presence, this project will be held live. And in other countries, the competitions are done online. The details of the implementation steps will be announced after the registration is completed.

To register: Fill up the form  below the page 
For more information Call WhatsApp: +33 75141 9600

Purpose of the casting project?

The purpose of the casting project is to create opportunities to discover talents in the three disciplines of modeling, singing, and dance at the level of all countries. In fact, this project is an opportunity for everyone to showcase their abilities but lacked the chance or opportunity to do so

Who can participate in this competition? 

1. All talents in the three disciplines of modeling, singing, and dance are at the level of all countries.
2. Male and female Aged between 9 – 55
3. All countries and all Languages 

Registration Fee? 

To participate in this contest, you have to pay a registration fee of 99 Euros. Participation in this competition is free because with this payment, not only will you register for the competition, but you will also be registering for the International Certificate of Casting Test Grade C.

How can we participate in this competition? 

To participate in this competition, all you need to do is fill up the main form and pay the registration fee. after completing the payment you will be redirected to another form that you will need to fill up which regards details, attaching your photo and your video(s) in that form. After submitting the information you will receive your information approval.

Price: 99,00 €
While submitting the form, I agreed to pay 99 euros for the casting project entry fee. Payment with 2 Metode : 1- Pay by credit or debit or paypal : Whit submitting the form, I agreed to pay 99 euros 2- Or i click submit and then pay by digital currency " Bitcoin " Guideline at : or ask for wallet address & call support via Whatsapp: +33751419600. And in anyway you most click submit so we can receive your information. any issue just contact via WhatsApp we mentioned.
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