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live chat with the support team only via WhatsApp: +33 751 41 9600

How can Make a payment by Bitcoin?

To make a payment by Bitcoin for the Casting Test:
1- Ensure you have Bitcoin available in your digital wallet or anyone’s wallet who is willing to make payment for you.
2- Use our Bitcoin Wallet address:    bc1qu8n4uncadlu4dafjyf9g5qfjvepss8vq64egpy

3- Make payment by USD rates down below within digital currency:
Grade A: 110 USD Bitcoin (from 99 Euros fee )
– Grade B: 164 USD Bitcoin (from 150 Euros fee )
– Grade C: 241 USD Bitcoin (from 150 Euros fee )

– Project Casting:
110 USD Bitcoin (from 99 Euros fee )
– Top Face: 110 USD Bitcoin (from 99 Euros fee )

4- Send the payment and take a photo of the receipt. and then email the payment receipt to:

We prefer Bitcoin as it’s easy to process worldwide, and this is the only payment option available if credit card or PayPal don’t work out.

How to register for casting test certificate?
You You have 3 options for registering online:
1- From the header main menu ( register )
2- From this page ( register page ) -> Subjects section
3- From this page ( register page ) -> Grade section – Grade A, B, or C
For registering go to the (register page) and simply scroll down and look at the subjects section.
Choose the subject that you are interested in. for example Modeling, Acting, Dancing, Singing, or Music. Click the button below the subject (Apply now). You will be redirected to the page you choose from there you can read the information and choose the right grade (A, B, or C) and then proceed to fill up the form. and pay the casting test & Certificate fee.
Wait up to 24 to 48 hours (for referees to check your specifications & abilities). And then you will receive the casting test result and certificate by email. Also, you can see your test result on this official casting test website, on this page: Approval list & Approval code N

Where can use the casting test Certificate ?
As mentioned within 24 to 48 hours of registration, you are going to receive a casting test certificate. This is an international certificate from the Paris fashion standard. This certificate showcases your ability and sufficiency concerning your requested casting test career. You can use this certificate for any academies, agencies, auditions, pageants, international computations, upcoming job opportunities, and, etc. for other agencies to identify and approve your ability.


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