Casting Test Agency – Franchise

Paris Fashion Standard intends to expand in terms of the availability of a Casting Test Agency in all countries. And by doing so, we now are looking for an active representative to the station in the new offices. The representative’s line of work involves issuing a certificate after finalizing the test results in their respective countries after they have met the clients and seen to it that their Grades and evaluations have proceeded smoothly.

Agents must have the ability to :
1- Orchestrate a casting test agency office in the country.
2- Advertising and marketing to find clients who are willing to participate in the casting tests for their related subjects.
3- Consult the casting test participants
4- Organize the casting level tests.
5- Cooperate and report to the head office.
To see the franchise sample Certificate, Click Click

How does it work?

The Authorized Agent in the country has to be able to manage online and digital advertising and marketing in the whole country, and represent casting test benefits. the representative going to have an online organization platform. the platform will provide by the CTC head office, after the registration process.

Franchise Requirements & franchise license fee :

The requirement for this exclusive & non-exclusive collaboration are :
1- Send us a request email to the address (
2- The agency license fee depends on countries population  ( from 150,000 euros to 40,000 euros )
3- Pre-purchase several casting test certificates for sale to the customers as an agency down payment ( 5000 Euros )
4- Introducing the office address of the agency in the country.
5- Details for exclusive or non-exclusive agents will be negotiable in the contract.
So if you are ready to start to good business with good benefits, send us a franchise request via email to : ( ) and contact the support office with
WhatsApp number: +33 75141 9600.
We will teach you and support you during the period of the contract.

Our cooperation and Partnership

The collaboration between two partners, the CTC Head office & country agent, will follow the contract and %50 commission in each casting sale. And a %10 commission for advising and introducing each student to the Academies under the supervision of Paris Fashion Standard.
If you are ready to apply, click here to send your request. 
To see the franchise sample Certificate, Click
For more information, leave a note
Or call, WhatsApp: +33751419600


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