Dancing Test - Grade A


Casting Grade A

For those who are certified. And have at least two years of dance experience. they can apply

Grade A
Dancing Casting Test 

This is the last stage of the Dancing test and the highest certificate in the Dance industry. In this test, our judges will review, your dance certificates C and B, and also your style, your information, photos, video, documents in the dance industry. they will check your training certificates and experience to identify and be sure that your talent and knowledge and your experience are perfect for this business.
The dance test is performed all over the world online and only done by this official casting test website, under supervision of Paris fashion standard with international and officially issued certificates for each stage.

The dance casting test grade A.
The dance casting test grade A, For those who are certified. And have at least two years of dancing experience. they can apply for casting test Grade A.
Test & Certificate Grade A fee is 220 Euros.


Grade A.

The last and highest test of the dance

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents and then pay the 220 euros test grade A fee and in the end wait 48 hours for the certificate.
Facing submit issues?  Whatsapp: +33751419600 

Price: 220,00 €
Payment with 2 Metode : 1- Pay by credit or debit or paypal : Whit submitting the form, I agreed to pay 220 euros casting grade A. test & certificate fee. 2- Or i click submit and than pay by digital currency " Bitcoin " Guideline at : https://castingtest.com/support/ or ask for wallet address & call support via Whatsapp: +33751419600. And in anyway you most click submit so we can receive your information. any issue just contact via WhatsApp we mentioned.


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