Modeling Casting Test

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Models talent identification Test

Modeling Casting Test 

The Modeling casting test is essentially the fundamentals in showcasing your looks which involves your style, information, photos, video, documents, and physical characteristics that are reviewed by 10 professional judges in the fashion and modeling industry. they will be analyzing and viewing your ability to identify and ensure that your talent is perfect for this business.
The test is performed from all over the world online and only done by this official casting test website, under the supervision of Paris fashion standards with international issued certificates for each stage.

The modeling test consists of 3 steps and 3 certificates.
Step 1: modeling Casting test certificate Grade C
Step 2: modeling Casting test certificate Grade B
Step 3: modeling Casting test certificate Grade A

Modeling casting test certificate Grade C
For those who are interested in studying and working in the field of Modeling without any previous background.
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Modeling casting test certificate Grade B

For those who trained in Modeling with a certificate, but still without or less than 2 years of approved experience.
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Modeling casting test certificate Grade A
For those who are trained with a certificate, and have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of Modeling.
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